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A great horse will change your life. The truly special ones define it.


Providing the best environment for you and your horse is of paramount importance to our staff. We strive to build unified teams of amateur and junior exhibitor riders and horses and take the time and patience necessary to start young horses properly.

Josh PiattCare, safety and a finished product that meets your goals are our highest priorities with our training. Depending on your horse’s specific training needs, we will custom tailor a program for that can be altered as your horse grows and evolves. Generally, most horses are exercised or trained between four to six times per week.

From selecting the appropriate horse or the evaluation process of your existing horse, selection of the proper horse shows, and maintaining and  enhancing your horse’s health and welfare, we strive to keep a transparent relationship with clients that keeps you educated and informed.

Olivia PiattYour monthly training rate of $850 includes one lesson per week (unused lessons cannot be rolled over and expire at the month’s end). Additional lessons are encouraged and may be purchased by our show riders for a discounted price of $29.99 each.

From Our Clients

“I came to Champion Hill Farm in 2013, having been paired in the past with horses that were not suitable for my current riding level. Because of that, I had very little confidence which caused me to develop some bad riding habits and a lot of disappointment. Olivia has an uncanny knack for pairing riders with the right horse and it’s amazing how much of a difference that can make in your confidence and advancement. She helped me set some horse ownership goals and always mindful of what your budget constraints may be, she helped me get creative over the years in being able to obtain the perfect horses for my needs. I drive almost 90 minutes each way just to be a part of Champion Hill Farm… a true testament to how much I have learned and grown while under their direction. It has been worth every mile driven. I am living my dream of owning and showing my own horse and I have both Josh and Olivia to thank for that.”

Lisa Reynolds Cramer


Boarding at Champion HillOur facility includes seven turnout pastures with run-in shelters, a 50-foot round pen, large indoor and outdoor arenas, three enclosed tack rooms and a heated wash rack. Our stalls are roomy, well lighted and well ventilated. We also offer pasture boarding as well. We feed Blue Seal, Triple Crown, and Purina based products. If you would like a special feed for your horse’s care, it will be billed at cost. Horses are fed three times per day. All supplements are the owner’s responsibility. A limited number of boarding spots may be available at Champion Hill Farm.

BOARDING – $525.  Includes stall cleaning, turnout, feed, salt block, staff to be present and hold for farrier and veterinary appointments and laundry. Winter blanket dry cleaning will be billed at cost. Boarding does not include lessons, but boarding clients receive a discounted lesson rate of $35.

REHABILITATION BOARD – $650. Some horses require special care post-surgery or injury, or are special needs because of health issues. Our rehabilitation board includes all the services of our boarding program, but also includes any daily bandage changes, wound dressing changes, hand walking, time consuming medications and grooming. Rehabilitation board does not include lessons, but rehab board clients receive a discounted lesson rate of $35.

Pasture FriendsPASTURE BOARD – $425. Some horses thrive from living outside. We offer a pasture with run in shelter that is cleaned three times per week and bedded. Horses are fed hay and grain twice per day. In some circumstances, horses will have to be brought inside due to severe weather conditions or when a horse requires a few days stall rest. Those days will be billed at a rate of $4 extra per day inside.


  • Show clip (ears, head, legs) $15
  • Body clip $100
  • V-clip (head, neck) $45